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We get it.

Sometimes you simply need an extra set of skilled hands on deck.

We’re that happy medium between recruiting in-house talent and outsourcing a full-blown agency.

Big or small, we’re here to help you get those projects off the back burner and accomplish more with less.

Web Design & Development

Affordable and highly functional custom-built WordPress websites for small businesses — self-managed and no coding required. Let’s get your business online!

Full-scale professional Webflow website design and development for growing businesses looking to take their digital footprint to the next level.

Content & Copywriting

The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words where one will do. Ad and web copy, email campaigns, blog posts, press releases… You name, we write it.

Graphic & UX/UI Design

You’re only as good as the story you tell. Creating a compelling narrative hinges on design and visual queues. Pass us the paint brush Picasso.


If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Ya… that’s what we thought. You can have a great product or service, but if your target audience can’t find you, does it even matter? 

CRM Databases & Integrations

Looking to get started with HubSpot, Salesforce or another CRM software? Thinking about a closed-loop reporting engine that integrates with your various sales and marketing tool suites for robust data integrity? Look no further!

Marketing Automation

Lead scoring and grading on your mind? How about automated drip email marketing? Big things are built one brick at a time.

Videography & Editing

Eyeballs mean attention, and attention is the new commodity. What better way to craft your narrative then using the most engaging content form of all! We’ll help you capture that motion picture to get more views for longer.

Social Media Management

Get involved in the conversation! Engage and build trust with your audience to propel your business forward. From social monitoring, to editorial planning, to content distribution, we have you covered.

Have a project in mind?

Let’s see if we’re a good fit! Tell us a bit more about your dreams, goals, ideas, and frustrations, and we’ll see if we can lend a helping hand. Projects big or small, we have your back amigo!

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A little bit of background.

Founded in the heart of the West Coast — Vancouver, BC — Simply Minimal Co. has been shaking things up as an interactive virtual digital marketing agency since 2016. From the beginning, we’ve been the advocate of “next” and the enemy of mediocrity. We’re here to help turbo-charge your in-house team. We eat, breathe, and sleep digital — it’s in our blood.

What we’ve found to be universal in any successful marketing initiative — no matter the budget, size of business, product, or industry — is the need to take a good look at the big picture and align on strategy before performing ground-level tactics. When you meet with us for the first time, you’ll be bringing to the table your dreams, goals, ideas, and maybe a few frustrations that need solving. Our job is to read between the lines using the knowledge we’ve gained over the years to help bring your project through to fruition. At the same time, we’re always evaluating how we can help you build a digital foundation you can scale your business on.

We’re here to help you stay current, stay fun, share your story, and most of all, thrive in a constantly changing digital world. Other creative agencies may just have “clients”, but we have clients who are our “partners in success”! We believe that investing our energy and passion into our partners’ long-term success is the best way to build ours. We can’t wait to collaborate with you!

 — Marek Filipiak // Founder & Creative Director

What others are saying...

Marek is a great leader. Not only is he responsible, smart, and dedicated, but he is also a fantastic listener. While working with Marek, I knew he had my back and was always ready to add value to any project and situation. He would be an asset to any team and you’d be lucky to get to work with him!

Olivia Boon Simply Minimal Testimonial

Olivia Boon // Project Manager – Salesforce Solutions @ Traction on Demand

What others are saying...

Marek is a passionate and dedicated individual. During my time working, I have never encountered someone who puts so much of themselves into a job. During our time working together at Riipen I witnessed Marek’s drive toward constant improvement. He is a process-oriented individual and can help bring structure to complex problem-solving. He is great at creative thinking and dedicated to continuous learning and self-improvement. He does a lot with very little and is also a wonderful and caring colleague with an excellent work ethic.

Daniella Pico Simply Minimal Testimonial

Daniella Pico // Director of External Relations @ Riipen

What others are saying...

Marek is hands down one of the most committed individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His drive and charisma paired with his ability to think outside of the box enables him to create opportunities for himself and others around him. I have nothing but amazing words for Marek’s character and past successes —  this guy is the real deal!

Derek Hughes Simply Minimal Testimonial

Derek Hughes // Owner @ PoCo Vision Care

What others are saying...

I had the pleasure of working alongside Marek at Riipen, learning from him and also assisting in his personal career trajectory. Marek has the utmost dedication to the success of the business, his team, and himself. He puts all of himself into his projects and strives to find innovative solutions to problems. Marek is an excellent communicator, collaborator, and self-starter. His action-oriented approach kept me and our team on track, aligned, and ultimately lead to a thriving work environment. I would absolutely recommend Marek for strategic roles that require attention to detail and dedication.

Olivia Jarvis Simply Minimal Testimonial

Olivia Jarvis // Account Executive @ ChartMogul

What others are saying...

 “I’m in awe of how capable, humble, and thoughtful this individual is. Marek was initially my sales manager, but then transitioned to focus on growing our marketing team. He’s been exceptional in all of his roles. He’s 120% committed to the growth of the company and has repeatedly proven his ability to over-perform. For me, Marek is a great example of a holistic person who not only thinks about performance and results, but also the health of the people and culture around him. I loved working with Marek and only hope to be a part of his team again in the future.

Vitaly Kan Simply Minimal Testimonial

Vitaly Kan // Sales Team Lead @ Riipen

What others are saying...

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach, mentor, and friend. I’m lucky to have worked with Marek — he is not only interested in giving his best to the company’s overall mission and values, but also partaking in his employees’ professional and personal growth. I have always been in awe of Marek’s leadership skills and his ability to be a part of multiple initiatives within the firm. He’s one of those efficient entrepreneurs who would always ensure you have a wide smile on, while still working hard to achieve your professional goals. I definitely miss working with him!

Shakshi Bharwani Simply Minimal Testimonial

Sakshi Bharwani // Instagram Influencer

What others are saying...

It’s hard to encapsulate all that Marek is in mere words. His hard skills with respect to digital marketing and design thinking are unparalleled. His creative problem-solving abilities, leadership qualities, and work ethic are only the tip of the iceberg with regards to his soft skills. Marek has helped me grow as a professional and his ideas have been foundational to helping our business scale. If you get the chance to collaborate with him, don’t pass on the opportunity!

Kareem Shehadeh // Owner @ Falafelbite

What others are saying...

For the several years that I’ve known Marek, I have been genuinely impressed with his work ethic, creativity, confidence, and character. He has a keen sense of himself and projects a remarkable leadership style and charisma that draws people in and fosters collaboration. I’m eager to follow his career and I expect big things from him in his professional life.

Jame Healy Simply Minimal Testimonial

Jame Healy // Senior Advisor @ Alescent Consulting

Riipen Case Study - Simply Minimal co.

Featured PROFESSIONAL Project

Riipen Networks // Marketing Automation, HubSpot CRM, WordPress 

Website Development & Graphic Design

As the first employee at Riipen — now a series A edtech juggernaut with a workforce of over 60 people — Marek worked alongside Riipen co-founders to develop and evolve automated outbound email and account-based marketing strategies that ultimately allowed the company to scale to an industry partner network of over 6,500 organizations across North America. During his time with the team, he spearheaded the development of the organization’s HubSpot CRM system and helped establish standards for game-changing user experiences paired with high-quality pre and post-sale customer service. From there, he shifted his focus to redeveloping the company’s WordPress marketing website, and was instrumental in developing first-generation MVPs of the “project library” and “milestone tracking”, which are now core functionality within the web app. When he wasn’t focused on big impact initiatives, you could find him driving community engagement through social media efforts and supporting content creation and graphic design. A jack of all trades, he’s keen to help social-good startups scale and make a positive global impact.

Featured PROFESSIONAL Project

Vitalis Extraction Tech // Marketing Automation with Salesforce + PardotLead Scoring & Data Reporting Strategy

After implementing Salesforce, Vitalis needed a way to close the gap between their various customer journey and conversion funnel stages. Taking a step back to get a birds-eye view, we audited their digital ecosystem, the various tool suites used, and every customer touchpoint to create a closed-loop journey. We then reverse-engineered the data collection process and reporting for each of those critical steps to eliminate any data leaks. We implemented B2B Marketing Analytics — an app extension of Salesforce for robust data reporting — which ultimately gave the Vitalis team visibility into marketing attribution, pipeline health, and engagement tracking through lead scoring. From there, internal and external automation was put in place using Pardot’s Engagement Studio to preemptively send out highly-relevant content to prospects and customers at just the right time, and then notify internal sales reps when clients were or weren’t taking desired actions — ultimately leading to improved customer experiences, proactive troubleshooting, reduced churn, and an increase in repeat business.

Deloitte Digital Design Thinking Simply Minimal Co

Featured PROFESSIONAL Project

Deloitte Digital Vancouver // Guerrilla Marketing Campaign — Design Thinking  Role Recruitment

Spending the better part of a decade working in thriving startup environments, Marek has had the opportunity to develop and execute several marketing campaigns for a variety of clients. During his time with Riipen, some highlights include managing campaigns for clients such as TOMS Shoes, Thales Group, RBC, Walmart, the Vancouver Whitecaps, and ICBC to name a few. One initiative that stands out is the recruitment campaign that was planned, developed and executed in collaboration with Deloitte Digital’s Vancouver team. With a nominal client marketing budget and a short three-week promotion window, guerrilla and event marketing tactics were deployed that generated over 1.5 million unique campaign impressions, delivered over 2,000 unique and authentic content engagements, and lead to the recruitment of 31 student participants which ultimately yielded 6 finalists and 2 all-star hires for their team.

Featured PERSONAL Project

Tiny Home Tiny Office  // #VanLife Mercedes Sprinter — Mobile Work Station Buildout

For the better part of five years, Marek has been focused on lifestyle design and crafting his dream of becoming a “solopreneur” and self-reliant digital nomad. From commencing his studies at UBC and then completing his studies in marketing + entrepreneurship and graduating with honours from BCIT, working towards acquiring his PMP designation, and helping scale startups in the tech scene in Vancouver and Kelowna, to founding Simply Minimal Co., and building out his mobile work station in a 2004 Mercedes Sprinter 3500, he’s been on quite the journey to-date. When it comes to his mobile workstation build, there have been countless learnings and stories worth retelling. You can look forward to following his journey as he continues to grow his business and live the digital nomad life — with many adventures and challenges to come, you’re sure to get your fill. You can expect to find new content in the coming months highlighting his van build how-tos and philosophies, his approach to design thinking, digital marketing, minimalism, lifestyle blueprinting, health and fitness, Millennial finance, and so much more. So make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a second of it!

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FAQs &

How we work 

Let’s be honest for a minute… We all hate having to fill out forms to get some pretty basic information. We’re not going to do that to you. Here it is. Transparent and straight to the point.

If you like what we’re putting out or have any additional questions not covered here, drop us a note and we’d be happy to chat further.

What's your rate?

It’s all about finding that happy medium. High quality work you can afford and us having enough skin in the game to keep our lights on. Depending on the nature of the work, we take one of two approaches — hourly billing or project-based fees. Standard flat rate is $50.00 CAD per hour, however, if you bundle services, we can work to lower your total cost by taking on a project-based contract or bundled hourly rate. We’re flexible.


How does virtual collaboration happen?

Thanks to advancements in collaboration technology, we’re always a Slack instant message or Zoom conference call away. We’re happy to integrate into your existing virtual collaboration infrastructure, or if you’re just starting out, we can bring our best practices to the table.

What's your process?

As life-long learners and students of practical project management philosophies, our approach to project work takes elements of SCRUM and AGILE and marries them to ensure that we create value for you at each phase of the initiative, as well as closely control scope, time, cost and quality. We find this approach to be highly effective at keeping teams in sync and ensuring desirable outcomes for all involved.  

Do you outsource your client work overseas?

Never. When you work with Simply Minimal, you get the reassurance that who you’re talking to on the phone, is also the same person completing the work. While the majority of the work is quarterbacked and executed by yours truly, we do have a small list of local specialists that we engage for nuanced situations to ensure we create the most value for you while keeping costs low. 

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